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Wind turbines !? Reflections of an ornithologist

One of the central points of the ecological transition is certainly that of the progressive abandonment of non-renewable energy sources, favouring instead the use of renewable ones. Hammers and millstones moved by flowing water or by the wind as well as the production of electricity through dynamos activated by water […]

The near future of the planet

We have done nothing to mitigate global warming. Between waits, delays and more excuses, one climate conference after another failed. Over the centuries, the seas have risen by 65 metres. Around the World in the Anthropocene tells the story of the world tour undertaken on a bet by the protagonist […]

The wood and us

The wood, a space that is from time to time scary, ambiguous and fascinating with which we have always measured ourselves. Strange and horrendous animals live in the woods, treasures and secrets are kept there; fairies show themselves in various forms and witches choose it for their sabbaths. The forest […]