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Suddenly… the almond tree!

“…then observe how many wild almond trees will become covered with flowers and will bend their fragrant branches” – Virgilio, Georgiche February, the almond tree has blossomed! In the coldest month of the year, an explosion of pinkish-white flowers reminds us that spring is near and will return soon as […]

Read me! September – October

We start our column with three very different proposals, but all very close to our way of being Earth Gardeners. The first volume, by Mario Tozzi, closely reflects our philosophy of eearthardening. The author tells us how and how much our relationship with the planet and its phenomenologies is the […]

Blue and white

EARTH GARDENERS and the Messaggerie Sarde bookshop in Sassari organized, with the patronage of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland – Finnish Embassy in Rome and the Municipality of Sassari, the presentation of the volumes “La coda delle volpi. Animals, men and landscapes of the Great North “by Fabrizio […]

Tell us your fairy tale!

Background: The traditional fairy tale is a part of cultural heritage which is disappearing since its fragile memory has been  assigned to of the several succeeding generations of narrators for centuries. Its disappearance will inevitably draw into forgetfulness also the emotions linked to the settings where it was narrated:  places […]


The landscapes of November are certainly not illuminated by many blooms, they are rather brushed by many browns, yellows and ochres that increase with altitude and prelude to the naked winter branches. Before talking about the November flowerings, I would like to concentrate the attention of the reader on this […]

Nocturnal birds of prey

Probably very few animals over the millennia have impressed and stimulated the collective imagination as much as the nocturnal birds of prey. Creatures at ease only after sunset, able to fly and hunt in total darkness, have aroused, depending on the cultures and the period, wonder and admiration or superstitious […]


Natale Emilio Baldaccini Chairman of the Scientific  Committee Former Professor of Ethology and Conservation of Zoocenotic resources at University of Pisa. Author of over 200 scientific papers on national and international journals. He is active in the field of scientific education, and co-author of academic textbooks of Ethology, General and […]

Read me! March – April

“Ecology”, “sustainability”, “compatibility”, “biodiversity”, “biological” are words that have entered our everyday life and that sound like reassuring. This is the reason why advertisers use them even in cases where the products they promote have even antithetical characteristics with the word used. The volumes suggested this two months are deepened […]