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Wind turbines !? Reflections of an ornithologist

One of the central points of the ecological transition is certainly that of the progressive abandonment of non-renewable energy sources, favouring instead the use of renewable ones. Hammers and millstones moved by flowing water or by the wind as well as the production of electricity through dynamos activated by water […]

Plants as a model

Once again Barbara Mazzolai surprises us by telling us how laboratories around the world are building a near future, through research projects in which the ingenious strategies of the plant world are intertwined with robotics and technology. Man has always considered the planet as his own, consuming its resources and […]

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The Monk Seal is returning to the northern areas of the Mediterranean from which it has been missing for decades. In particular, during the last two years it has been sighted and photographed in Salento, along the coasts of southern Sardinia, in the Tuscan Archipelago and off the Ligurian coast. […]

St. Peter’s Island and the Falcon Cliffs

Thousands of years ago the Phoenicians called it “Inosin”, for the Greeks it was “Hierakon Nesos”, while in Roman times it was known as “Accipitrum Insula”; during the centuries the original meaning of its name has not changed: “Falcons’ Island”, underlining its main feature that fascinated the sailors who approached […]