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Wonderful stories with wings

In spring we hear their trills, songs, verses, and duets: it is the soundtrack of the blooms, the sounds that testify that we have had the privilege of seeing our hemisphere renew life once again.And as we listen to their songs and see them busy fiddling with straws and mud […]

Plants as a model

Once again Barbara Mazzolai surprises us by telling us how laboratories around the world are building a near future, through research projects in which the ingenious strategies of the plant world are intertwined with robotics and technology. Man has always considered the planet as his own, consuming its resources and […]

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The Monk Seal is returning to the northern areas of the Mediterranean from which it has been missing for decades. In particular, during the last two years it has been sighted and photographed in Salento, along the coasts of southern Sardinia, in the Tuscan Archipelago and off the Ligurian coast. […]

St. Peter’s Island and the Falcon Cliffs

Thousands of years ago the Phoenicians called it “Inosin”, for the Greeks it was “Hierakon Nesos”, while in Roman times it was known as “Accipitrum Insula”; during the centuries the original meaning of its name has not changed: “Falcons’ Island”, underlining its main feature that fascinated the sailors who approached […]

As it happened in Chernobyl

For the good of the Planet, Let’s help the Planet, Let’s make a small gesture in favor of the Planet are phrases that we are now used to hearing more and more often, even when they refer to issues or actions that substantially worsen the life of the biosphere. Yes, […]

Was Hitchcock right?

It was October 31, 1963 when Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds was released in cinemas all over the world. The basic idea of the film, which was an excellent film adaptation of the homonymous story by Daphne Du Maurier (1952), was to stage a visionary reflection on the anguish that can […]

The speakers of the spring conversations of “Seeing with new eyes” advise ….

Elisabetta Pace gave her reading advice during the conversation held live by the Cavour bookshop in Frascati on March 26, 2021. You can find the recording of this very interesting conversation on: Elisabetta Pace is a physicist, she works at the Frascati National Laboratories of the Italian Institute of Nuclear […]

Seeing with new eyes

We invite our readers to walk with us the pleasant and interesting path that these eight conversations indicate. For news, information and details on the events of the review in the EVENTS section of our Facebook page In Italy, reading “for reasons not strictly educational / professional” represents a […]