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Let’s redesign the world

Many wonder if individual efforts can really be significant in stopping or at least mitigating climate warming and allowing the planet to replenish its resources. This question can be easily answered: the serious problems that afflict us for having disturbed so many balances are nothing more than the sum of […]

The near future of the planet

We have done nothing to mitigate global warming. Between waits, delays and more excuses, one climate conference after another failed. Over the centuries, the seas have risen by 65 metres. Around the World in the Anthropocene tells the story of the world tour undertaken on a bet by the protagonist […]

Remembering James Lovelock

The death of James Ephraim Lovelock, which occurred at the age of 103 on July 26, his birthday, deprived the world of research and science of a now rare figure of a multifaceted and stimulating, curious and provocative scientist. In over seven decades of active presence on the research and […]