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Waiting for the apocalypse

I dedicate the month of March to Jonathan Franzen, American writer and essayist, author of novels and writings that he regularly publishes in “The New Yorker” and “Harper’s”. A short essay and a collection of writings in which his way of being an environmentalist is expressed: without dogma and with […]

The plants you don’t expect

We dedicate this series of advice to four books by an author who is now popular not only among science experts, but also among those who appreciate him for his pleasant and captivating writing. Besides being an excellent popularizer, Stefano Mancuso is professor of General arboriculture and Tree cultivation at […]

May flowers

Saying may be thinking of roses. It is to the roses that poets, painters, musicians of all time have dedicated their works. It is to the roses that we refer if we want to talk about feminine beauty. Yellow, pink, red, orange, violet, almost blue roses. Bush roses, vines, creeping, […]

October flowers

October. Autumn shortens the days, the trees begin to color the landscapes. If you make an excursion from the sea to the mountains, moving towards the higher heights, we leave behind the green sclerophyllous woods to let ourselves be enchanted by the yellows, ocher and brown that occupy ever greater […]

December flowers

Darkness is the characteristic of the last month of the year. And with so much darkness it is difficult for the blooms to be many … In spite of everything, however, the oblique rays of our star are able to color the dark green branches of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.), […]

About family and languages

Our second appointment is focused on two themes at first sight not close, but in my opinion strongly connected: the parallel development of the phylogenetic lines of populations and languages ​​and the ecology of the family, or the recovery of the primary mission of families to educate their children. Cavalli-Sforza’s […]

January flowers

January, the coldest month. The day slowly begins to gain time on the night. Deciduous trees, now devoid of leaves, show their fractal structures; many evergreens during the last vegetation have stretched and directed their branches to the ground forming a dome that helps them to close to the cold […]