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Saying may be thinking of roses. It is to the roses that poets, painters, musicians of all time have dedicated their works. It is to the roses that we refer if we want to talk about feminine beauty. Yellow, pink, red, orange, violet, almost blue roses. Bush roses, vines, creeping, […]

December flowers

Darkness is the characteristic of the last month of the year. And with so much darkness it is difficult for the blooms to be many … In spite of everything, however, the oblique rays of our star are able to color the dark green branches of Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.), […]

About family and languages

Our second appointment is focused on two themes at first sight not close, but in my opinion strongly connected: the parallel development of the phylogenetic lines of populations and languages ​​and the ecology of the family, or the recovery of the primary mission of families to educate their children. Cavalli-Sforza’s […]

The origins of mediterraneans foods

The substantial immobility of pre-industrial society overlaps with the immobility of the productive potential of the environment, driven by an evolution that only knows the slowness of biological times. The foods of vegetable origin known today are practically almost the same as those of the Neolithic. The archaeological findings of […]