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It was a tree

– Was it a tree? – Yes, the monk seal made with corrugated cardboard was previously a refusal; and before it became a waste it was a box that contained the books of the Sardinian Messaggerie bookshop; and first, it was a corrugated cardboard plate perhaps produced by the Ondulor […]

Invisible borders

Two hundred thousand years? Probably many more. It is certainly not the time when Homo sapiens began to walk on this Planet that has already been revolving around its Star for over four and a half billion years. What seems to us the long adventure of human beings on Earth, […]

ECOLOGY … SUSTAINABILITY … what do they really mean?

In recent years climate change has caused a right alarm across the planet. But the alarm has not induced significant changes in the behaviour of most of the individuals of our species: we are used to this way of consuming, producing and living and, since we do not want to […]

Constructing monk seals with Angela and Edoardo with materials taken from the pulp

The “Operazione Foca monaca” project has been designed to give everybody the chance of being the protagonists of the many actions and events of the project itself. The various activities that make up the actions and events are aimed at getting people to know the Monk seal (Monachus monachus).In the […]

The sea, and us

… So my thoughts drown in this immensity: and sinking is sweet for me in this sea ( Così tra questa immensità s’annega il pensier mio: e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare). However, the sea of twenty-year-old Giacomo Leopardi was not made of water: it was the representation […]

“Operazione foca monaca” project

The “Operazione Foca monaca” project was launched on September 22nd; the planned actions are in full swing and are arousing a lot of interest.Fourteen newspapers, including Corriere della sera, and three television networks were interested in the various actions that make up the project. Also Ansa Nazionale spoke of Operation […]