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Facing the change: reflections and new awareness

In autumn, training activities resume: schools, universities, and professional institutes reopen after a period of enormous difficulties. The pandemic has induced great transformations in behavior, teaching methods, and methodologies, in educational approaches. How to face the change? In a context so profoundly changed that it has created dismay, anxieties, frustrations, […]

Communication, the basis of insect societies

Many ethologists do not agree with the possibility of recognizing forms of intelligence in animals. However, we cannot deny they show “intelligent” behaviors aimed at achieving particular adaptations to the environment. Just take into consideration what the members of the order of the Hymenoptera, the so-called social insects, are able […]

Remembering James Lovelock

The death of James Ephraim Lovelock, which occurred at the age of 103 on July 26, his birthday, deprived the world of research and science of a now rare figure of a multifaceted and stimulating, curious and provocative scientist. In over seven decades of active presence on the research and […]

The unexpected in science

Telmo Pievani is a great scientific communicator, holder of the first Italian chair of Philosophy of Biological Sciences which he has held at the University of Padua since 2012. Among the various means of communication used in his dissemination activity there are many volumes in which the topics dealt with […]

Mediterranean vegetation

or how to organize yourself to live still under the sun The vegetation of the Mediterranean region, dominated by evergreen trees, shrubs, and bushes that can withstand the long and hot summers without rain, is absolutely different from that of any other European, African or Asian region of which it […]