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Suddenly… the almond tree!

“…then observe how many wild almond trees will become covered with flowers and will bend their fragrant branches” – Virgilio, Georgiche February, the almond tree has blossomed! In the coldest month of the year, an explosion of pinkish-white flowers reminds us that spring is near and will return soon as […]

Almond trees, schaked, mennule

The almond tree has always accompanied the journey and history of man who, over the centuries, has given it highly symbolic meanings of hope and constancy, of birth and resurrection; it symbolizes the renewal of nature after winter death. The esoteric meaning is linked to the fruit: the almond represents […]

The plants you don’t expect

We dedicate this series of advice to four books by an author who is now popular not only among science experts, but also among those who appreciate him for his pleasant and captivating writing. Besides being an excellent popularizer, Stefano Mancuso is professor of General arboriculture and Tree cultivation at […]

The Sun, our star

The Sun rose into the bronze sky, leaving the beautiful sea, to shine for the eternal and the mortal …. (Homer “Odyssey” Book III 1-3) During the science class at high school, I asked my teacher where the elements of the periodic table came from. He replied that they came […]

Hellebore lights up the woods in winter

It happens in winter, walking in the woods, in cool and shady areas, to see a tuft of green leaves sprout from the damp and rotting leaves of the ground, sometimes from the snow, illuminated by beautiful pinkish white flowers: Hellebore! It is one of the few species that blooms […]

May flowers

Saying may be thinking of roses. It is to the roses that poets, painters, musicians of all time have dedicated their works. It is to the roses that we refer if we want to talk about feminine beauty. Yellow, pink, red, orange, violet, almost blue roses. Bush roses, vines, creeping, […]

Read me! September – October

We start our column with three very different proposals, but all very close to our way of being Earth Gardeners. The first volume, by Mario Tozzi, closely reflects our philosophy of eearthardening. The author tells us how and how much our relationship with the planet and its phenomenologies is the […]

October flowers

October. Autumn shortens the days, the trees begin to color the landscapes. If you make an excursion from the sea to the mountains, moving towards the higher heights, we leave behind the green sclerophyllous woods to let ourselves be enchanted by the yellows, ocher and brown that occupy ever greater […]