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Please help us welcome her!

On Wednesday 22 September, as planned, we kicked off the Operation Nun Seal project. The event was announced by nine online and two print publications and the next day reported by ten online newspapers, two local televisions and the national ANSA. The project is very complex and takes place in […]

The sea, and us

… So my thoughts drown in this immensity: and sinking is sweet for me in this sea ( Così tra questa immensità s’annega il pensier mio: e il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare). However, the sea of twenty-year-old Giacomo Leopardi was not made of water: it was the representation […]

“Operazione foca monaca” project

On 22 September we will start the actions of the “Operation Nun Seal” project.We think that the reader may find it unusual to dedicate a project to an animal whose traces are no longer found on our coasts, given that even sightings have been interrupted since the early eighties.But the […]