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Fatal Attraction!!!

The Andromeda galaxy is the farthest object visible to the naked eye, and it is coming upon us. We know that since the beginning of time, since the Big Bang, the Universe has been expanding, and therefore all galaxies, since they were born, have moved away from each other. But […]

Wonderful stories with wings

In spring we hear their trills, songs, verses, and duets: it is the soundtrack of the blooms, the sounds that testify that we have had the privilege of seeing our hemisphere renew life once again.And as we listen to their songs and see them busy fiddling with straws and mud […]

It was a tree

– Was it a tree? – Yes, the monk seal made with corrugated cardboard was previously a refusal; and before it became a waste it was a box that contained the books of the Sardinian Messaggerie bookshop; and first, it was a corrugated cardboard plate perhaps produced by the Ondulor […]

Plants as a model

Once again Barbara Mazzolai surprises us by telling us how laboratories around the world are building a near future, through research projects in which the ingenious strategies of the plant world are intertwined with robotics and technology. Man has always considered the planet as his own, consuming its resources and […]

Invisible borders

Two hundred thousand years? Probably many more. It is certainly not the time when Homo sapiens began to walk on this Planet that has already been revolving around its Star for over four and a half billion years. What seems to us the long adventure of human beings on Earth, […]

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The Monk Seal is returning to the northern areas of the Mediterranean from which it has been missing for decades. In particular, during the last two years it has been sighted and photographed in Salento, along the coasts of southern Sardinia, in the Tuscan Archipelago and off the Ligurian coast. […]