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The Fire, the Wood and its Inhabitants

All over the world, the fires that flare up and devour thousands of hectares of forests and green areas are increasingly frequent, an environmental and social scourge that reappears every year with new strength and is linked to human and cultural, climatic, vegetational, and morphological factors. The progressive abandonment of […]

It’s time to migrate!

SEPTEMBER, let’s go.It’s time to migrate.Now in the land of Abruzzo my shepherdsthey leave the pens and go towards the sea:they descend to the wild Adriaticthat is green like the pastures of the mountains.The Shepherds – Gabriele D’Annunzio Transhumance is true migration, a behavior of regular commuting between two places […]

Kindness as a secret weapon

Kindness coupled with courage means taking responsibility for one’s actionsand one’s existence in the world,accepting the responsibility of being human. This month we recommend a reading that I would define as “human ethology”.In the current modes of communication, public and private, the latent aggressiveness in society often explodes in forms […]