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Let’s redesign the world

Many wonder if individual efforts can really be significant in stopping or at least mitigating climate warming and allowing the planet to replenish its resources. This question can be easily answered: the serious problems that afflict us for having disturbed so many balances are nothing more than the sum of […]

Asteroids and other catastrophes

In the imagination of peoples and cultures, since the dawn of time, the end of the world has been evoked and predicted, perhaps to exorcise the fear of this catastrophe. And so in the millennia from the Mayan prophecy which set the end of the world in 2012, to the […]

The rhythms of the sea: the tides

Third and final appointment with the movements of salt waters, which occupy a large part of the planet that hosts us with so much patience.In the first article we explored the “functioning” of the waves (; in the second we were interested in currents (; in this we will deal […]

Let’s discover the world with Inventories

It is curiosity that pushes children and adults to discover the world around us; how many things we do not know and how exciting it is to savor the pleasure of discovery and the wonder of knowledge, to explore the secrets of a world that is incredible and largely unknown! […]