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The plant of capers

“Capperi!” (Capers! In English: Wow!) Never was an expression of pleasant surprise and wonder more appropriate, as was the amazement aroused by the magnificence and elegance of the caper in bloom.The caper (Capparis spinosa L. 1753) belongs to the Capparaceae family.It is a typically Mediterranean plant, present in the central-southern […]

Summer has come, the myrtle is in bloom

…. “It rains on the brackish and burnt tamarisksit rains on the pinesit rains on the divine myrtles ……. ”And the pinehas a sound and myrtleother sound and junipermore, different toolsunder countless fingers “(Gabriele d’Annunzio, The rain in the pine grove, 1902) In arid and sunny Mediterranean summers, the thirsty […]

Darwin and the cases of the moth and the fisherman

The mechanisms that regulate the alternation of species on our planet are often described as an eternal “struggle for survival”. Anyone who has read Darwin carefully knows that this is not the case.It is the word “struggle”, so dear to the warmongering mentality of our species, which has little to […]

June flowers

We begin our walk among the blooms that colour the end of spring and the beginning of summer from urban centers, and then enter the fields and finally head towards the coast. The Large leaved lime (Tilia platyphyllos) that shade the city avenues, delightfully perfume the air with their hanging […]

St. Peter’s Island and the Falcon Cliffs

Thousands of years ago the Phoenicians called it “Inosin”, for the Greeks it was “Hierakon Nesos”, while in Roman times it was known as “Accipitrum Insula”; during the centuries the original meaning of its name has not changed: “Falcons’ Island”, underlining its main feature that fascinated the sailors who approached […]