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Plastic for food? No thanks! New eco-sustainable solutions for food packaging

To define the current era, the term “Plasticene” has been proposed: plastic fragments throughout the world are continuously detected in oceans, soil, sediments and air. Just to have an order of magnitude, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Pisa, the amount of microplastics on Italian beaches […]

At the mercy of the tides

…. Thus amidst this immensity lies my thought: and TO shipwreck is sweet to me in this sea. Giacomo Leopardi’s twenty-one-year-old sea, however, was not water, it was the representation of that infinity that was the silence, the eternal, with which the poet measured the reasons and absurdities of life. […]

Smart cities? But how smart?

Smart cities. Which means cities designed and organized in an “intelligent” way. A multidimensional intelligence that is expressed in intelligent economy, intelligent mobility, intelligent environment, intelligent people, intelligent life, intelligent governance. The intelligence we are talking about refers above all to the capacity for innovation in the eco-sustainability of urban […]