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The sub-products of the olive supply chain: from discharges to resources

The culture and culture of the olive tree have been handed down over time by the farming tradition, repeating every autumn the whole process of harvesting and pressing the olives. The pressing technique has been refined over time, with the production of cutting-edge tools and machinery to meet the needs […]

Bread, places, cultures

The history of bread is closely linked to the development of human civilizations, from the dawn of agriculture until nowadays. We do not know exactly when bread was born; its first documented production dates back to 2,000 B.C. when the Egyptians realized the importance of cooking food at high temperatures […]

Plastic for food? No thanks! New eco-sustainable solutions for food packaging

To define the current era, the term “Plasticene” has been proposed: plastic fragments throughout the world are continuously detected in oceans, soil, sediments and air. Just to have an order of magnitude, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Pisa, the amount of microplastics on Italian beaches […]


“Honey: a precious gift from bees”. Features, properties and problems

Honey is the oldest substance used by man as a sweetener; the first traces of beekeeping date back to the Neolithic, as evidenced by some cave decorations dating back to around 8000 years and found in the Cuevas de la Araña, a group of caves located in Bicorp, near Valencia, […]