Prendiamoci cura della Terra

Let’s redesign the world

Many wonder if individual efforts can really be significant in stopping or at least mitigating climate warming and allowing the planet to replenish its resources. This question can be easily answered: the serious problems that afflict us for having disturbed so many balances are nothing more than the sum of the behaviors adopted by each of us for hundreds of years; identically the sum of individual virtuous behaviors can be decisive in going back or, at least, stop the advance of climate change and the indiscriminate exploitation of the planet’s resources.
But at the same time, the question hides the fear of an uncertain future and the lack of desire to give up all those comfortable habits that the use of planetary resources without any strategic criteria has granted us.

Author: Camila Raznovich | Publisher: Piemme
Edition year: 2023 | Pages: 176
EAN: 9788856692815

The urgent change of pace will force us to give up many privileges or simple habits. But how can we get up from the “comfortable sofa” on which much of the West has long rested and return, as our ancestors did, to explore new ways of life? How to get out of the comfort zone to which we are now accustomed? And what are we willing to sacrifice in exchange for an adventurous and dynamic life? Camila Raznovich, with a decidedly accessible and explicit style, takes us inside changing societies and confronts the new challenges that await us, guiding the reader in the thoughts and practices that can help us live in a different and happy, positive, never passive, always responsible. Because life is movement, sometimes it may be renunciation and sometimes discomfort, but only those who want to question themselves and embrace a planetary and at the same time essential perspective of our present will be able to significantly impact our future.

Non metterti comodo (don’t get comfortable) can be considered a sui generis political manifesto, a basic guide to change, a “revolutionary” book by the TV presenter and it also contains unpublished contributions from some “friends and experts” such as Hervé Barmasse, Stefano Mancuso, Telmo Pievani and Dario Marchini.


Author: Anna Lacci is a scientific popularizer and expert in environmental education and sustainability and in territory teaching. She is the author of documentaries and naturalistic books, notebooks and interdisciplinary teaching aids, and multimedia information materials.

Translation by Maria Antonietta Sessa