Prendiamoci cura della Terra

Hand in hand for our future and the planet

Acceleration of climate change, tragedies linked to the inability to face the natural events that characterize the evolution of the Earth, absurd and ferocious wars, and drastic decrease in biodiversity: we have demonstrated, without fear of contradiction, the great capacity for destruction that our species has made and continues to be responsible for.

EARTH GARDENERS, together with the Messaggerie sarde bookshop of Sassari, the Associazione Residenti Torregrande of Oristano and the theater company Théatre en vol, responded to the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto’s appeal to participate in a global flash mob “against all the monstrosities created by ‘man”.

It will be a planetary event that will be shared through social media: women, men, girls, boys, girls, boys will hold hands, forming long chains all over the planet which, shown to the public on, will be magically connected in one big hug that will envelop our beloved Earth.

The global event is part of the Third Paradise, the movement/thought created by Michelangelo Pistoletto, founder of Cittadellarte, in which art is at the center of a network where social responsibility is the key to global change. It is called Third Paradise because the first saw us well connected to Nature while, during the second one, we used technologies for the worst during a ruthless and devastating work of commodification of territories and living beings, including man. The Third Paradise is what needs to be built if Homo truly wants to be sapiens and live in harmony with the planet that generated it.

EARTH GARDENERS, together with the ambassadors of the Third Paradise Fabrizio Carbone, Maria Gabriella Lay and Monica Pais, invites everyone to participate in the events that will be held in Oristano and Sassari.

The appointment in Oristano on 24 March at 16, will see the long human chain winding from the Gran Torre towards the Eleonora d’Arborea seafront.

In Sassari on 25 March at 5.30 pm we will hold hands starting from the Messaggerie sarde bookshop, in piazza Castello, and we will head towards piazza d’Italia. The Sassari event will close with the performance Tracce – en route interpreted by Michèle Kramers and Anna Melchiorri of the Théatre en vol company.