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The rhythms of the sea: the tides

Third and final appointment with the movements of salt waters, which occupy a large part of the planet that hosts us with so much patience.In the first article we explored the “functioning” of the waves (https://www.earthgardeners.it/2023/07/27/i-ritmi-del-mare-le-onde/); in the second we were interested in currents (https://www.earthgardeners.it/2023/07/27/i-ritmi-del-mare-le-onde/); in this we will deal […]

The Moon, our travel companion

“I like to think that the Moon is there, even if I’m not looking at it” (Albert Einstein) I checked the ferry tickets once more, the photographic backpack was ready and loaded on the car that would take me to the port of the small town of Anstruther, from which […]