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Facing the change: reflections and new awareness

In autumn, training activities resume: schools, universities, and professional institutes reopen after a period of enormous difficulties. The pandemic has induced great transformations in behavior, teaching methods, and methodologies, in educational approaches. How to face the change? In a context so profoundly changed that it has created dismay, anxieties, frustrations, […]

Daphne and the Laurel

“But when we reached the land that was nearby, there we saw near the sea a cavern that opened at the highest point, covered with laurels …” (Homer, Odyssey, IX, 181-183) Intensely scented and held in great esteem since ancient times, the Laurel (Laurus nobilis L. 1753) also called Lauro, […]

The plant of capers

“Capperi!” (Capers! In English: Wow!) Never was an expression of pleasant surprise and wonder more appropriate, as was the amazement aroused by the magnificence and elegance of the caper in bloom.The caper (Capparis spinosa L. 1753) belongs to the Capparaceae family.It is a typically Mediterranean plant, present in the central-southern […]