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The plant of capers

“Capperi!” (Capers! In English: Wow!) Never was an expression of pleasant surprise and wonder more appropriate, as was the amazement aroused by the magnificence and elegance of the caper in bloom.The caper (Capparis spinosa L. 1753) belongs to the Capparaceae family.It is a typically Mediterranean plant, present in the central-southern […]

Summer has come, the myrtle is in bloom

…. “It rains on the brackish and burnt tamarisksit rains on the pinesit rains on the divine myrtles ……. ”And the pinehas a sound and myrtleother sound and junipermore, different toolsunder countless fingers “(Gabriele d’Annunzio, The rain in the pine grove, 1902) In arid and sunny Mediterranean summers, the thirsty […]

Almond trees, schaked, mennule

The almond tree has always accompanied the journey and history of man who, over the centuries, has given it highly symbolic meanings of hope and constancy, of birth and resurrection; it symbolizes the renewal of nature after winter death. The esoteric meaning is linked to the fruit: the almond represents […]

Hellebore lights up the woods in winter

It happens in winter, walking in the woods, in cool and shady areas, to see a tuft of green leaves sprout from the damp and rotting leaves of the ground, sometimes from the snow, illuminated by beautiful pinkish white flowers: Hellebore! It is one of the few species that blooms […]

Olive tree

Symbol of peace and different cultures is the most emblematic element of the Mediterranean flora. OLIVE (Olea Europaea L.) BOTANICAL CARD Belonging to the Oleaceae family, it originates from a vast region between the southern part of the Caucasus, Iran, Palestine and Syria and has gradually colonized all the countries […]

Close encounters at San Rossore, unique emotion!

Late Spring in the park, wild irises and buttercups stain the ditches while yellow, white and pink patches of wild garlic color the edges of the paths. The green meadows are dotted with daisies, here and there tufts of blue irises sprout; presences can be glimpsed between the blades of […]

Last Rosemary flowers: Autumn is tinged with blue

Autumn has begun, but the last warm days still give us, among the bushes of the Mediterranean scrub, the scent and the beautiful blue blooms of Rosemary. The plant Belonging to the Lamiaceae or Labiatae family, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is an evergreen perennial shrub typical of garrigues, sparse woods facing […]