Maria Beatrice Lupi

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Let’s discover the world with Inventories

It is curiosity that pushes children and adults to discover the world around us; how many things we do not know and how exciting it is to savor the pleasure of discovery and the wonder of knowledge, to explore the secrets of a world that is incredible and largely unknown! […]

The Fire, the Wood and its Inhabitants

All over the world, the fires that flare up and devour thousands of hectares of forests and green areas are increasingly frequent, an environmental and social scourge that reappears every year with new strength and is linked to human and cultural, climatic, vegetational, and morphological factors. The progressive abandonment of […]

Dear T-shirt,…how much do you cost me?

The leading sector of the clothing industry for 15-20 years has been constantly changing; a real revolution has directed many brands towards the production of collections inspired by high fashion, but sold at very low prices and renewed in a very short time, to satisfy the need to always keep […]