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For the little ones

Let’s discover the animals of the forest Summer is here! On hot summer afternoons, under the beach umbrella or in the shade of large trees, it’s time for stories and discoveries. This month we have selected an illustrated book for our youngest readers to accompany them on an emotional journey […]

The Lords of the night

For some years a group of bats has settled in my house in the space between the roof slope and the gutter above the balcony. I find their tracks in the morning on the floor, every now and then I hear rustling and their screeching. At dusk you can see […]

The strategy of the Strawberry

The strawberry grows underneath the nettleAnd wholesome berries thrive and ripen bestNeighbour’d by fruit of baser quality (William Shakespeare, Henry V) Once winter has passed, when the forest awakens and spring is in full force, you come across open areas of woods, undergrowth, meadows, and clearings, an expanse of small […]

They are waking up… let’s be careful!

European hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus L. – Photo by Andrea Blankenstijn With the arrival of spring, the days getting longer every day and the temperatures becoming increasingly milder, the Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus L.) awakens; winter sleep, which in our climates can last from November to March, has not been continuous, but […]

Asteroids and other catastrophes

In the imagination of peoples and cultures, since the dawn of time, the end of the world has been evoked and predicted, perhaps to exorcise the fear of this catastrophe. And so in the millennia from the Mayan prophecy which set the end of the world in 2012, to the […]