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His Majesty the Wren, King of birds!

The Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes) is a small, plump, finely striped brown bird, with a proud and impertinent appearance that does not reach 10 centimeters in length. The short tail is constantly held up, helping to give it a vague brawler-like air. If its song is decidedly strong and melodious, with […]

The river I would like

No man can bathe in the same river twice, because neither man nor the waters of the river are the same. (Heraclitus) Rivers build themselves over time. Their waters marry the orography of the areas they cross, looking for a road, not always the shortest, towards the mouth. They merge […]

“Polluted” falconry

Falconry may have begun before the 2nd millennium in tribes living between Middle East and Central Asia, because of hunting purposes and afterwards it spread towards east and then west. However, some people think that the real value of falconry, more than being a mere hunting style, consists in devoting […]

THE KINGFISHER… myths and traditions

The visual and behavioral characteristics of the Common kingfisher have certainly not gone unnoticed and so, since ever, popular imagination has given these birds virtues and magical powers that certainly did not help their conservation, making them the object of hunting and easy hunting techniques: a viscous substance placed near […]

Migrate in a changing world

Migration is a completely dynamic phenomenon that over time has evolved in parallel with changing environmental and climatic conditions in particular. To maintain its character of survival strategy, the adaptive changes that migration must face are therefore continuous. As a result, the different species must optimize their movement strategies in […]