Prendiamoci cura della Terra

Dedicated to the little ones

January, a new year. Let’s start this new year with a special thought for our children. What better gift could the Befana bring them? What’s better than a book to learn, understand, dream? In the case of the little ones, especially if they are not yet able to read autonomosusly, we can add another value: sharing. Sharing with dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle the pleasure of being on the sofa looking at the illustrations and reading, or having the words that complete the images read to you is not only fun, as it helps to improve relationships and nourish affections.

With Tiziana, our trusted bookseller, to begin this new year’s adventure together, we have chosen two illustrated books suitable for girls and boys aged three and five and up.

Author: Giuditta Campiello | Illustrator: Arianna Cicciò
Publisher: EL | Pages: 32, ill. , Hardcover
Reading age: From 3 years | EAN: 9788847740204

The first, Gita nel bosco (Trip to the woods), suitable for girls and boys from 3 years old, has rhyming texts and is accompanied by colorful illustrations, full of details to discover.
The bunnies Mora, Nocciola, Mirtillo (Blackberry, Hazelnut, Blueberry) and their friends go for a walk in nature guided by the master Procione. The forest hides a thousand treasures and Hazel finds a strange round stone. But it’s not a stone! It is the mother swallow’s egg that rolled down from the tree. And now who will take him back to the nest? Don’t worry, the young bunnies will have the opportunity to help mother swallows give birth to her swallows.
A story of growth, love, friendship and small discoveries in the sweetness of family love, in which we learn, day after day, to take care of each other.

Author and illustrator: Alex G. Griffiths | Translator: Maria Pia Secciani
Publisher: Clichy Editions | Pages: 40 p. ill. , Hardcover
Reading age: from 5 years | EAN: 9788867997688

Il collezionista di insetti (The insect collector) is for girls and boys aged 5 and up. Written and illustrated by Alex G. Griffiths in his first editorial challenge, both in the role of illustrator and narrator, the volume helps to “sow” in the young generations the love for life represented in all its forms.
George, after visiting the Natural Science Museum with his grandfather, can’t think of anything other than his favorite animals… insects! The next day he catches some to keep in a jar in his tree house. This is how he locks up fireflies, butterflies and ladybugs.
However, he will soon realize that there are no more insects in the garden and that the ones he has locked up in the jars don’t seem very happy…
George will understand not only that wanting to keep living beings for himself is not a manifestation of love but of selfishness, but he will learn a very important lesson: how insects are fundamental to our ecosystems.


Author: Anna Lacci is a scientific popularizer and expert in environmental education and sustainability and in territory teaching. She is the author of documentaries and naturalistic books, notebooks and interdisciplinary teaching aids, and multimedia information materials.

Translation by Maria Antonietta Sessa