Prendiamoci cura della Terra

The speakers of the spring conversations of “Looking with new eyes” advise ….

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Above are the covers of the recommended books:: Sei pezzi facili and Sei pezzi meno facili by Richard P. Feynman; L’ordine del tempo by Carlo Rovelli, all published by Adephi

Elisabetta Pace gave her reading advice during the conversation held live by the Cavour bookshop in Frascati on March 26, 2021.

Elisabetta Pace is a physicist, she works at the Frascati National Laboratories of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics. He has collaborated with CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) of Geneva, with the Universities of Padua and Tor Vergata, with the IHEP (Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) of Beijing, with the University of North Texas, with the SPARC project (free electron laser), with the project that created the synchrotron light lines in Frascati. Today she mainly studies the biophotons emitted by living material.

Grande mondo, piccolo pianeta by Johan Rockstrom and Mattias Klum, Ed. Ambiente, 2015 | La resilienza del bosco by Giorgio Vacchiano, Ed. Mondadori, 2019 | Natura Spa. La terra al posto del Pil by Gianfranco Bologna, Ed. Bruno Mondadori, 2013 | L’economia della ciambella di Kate Rawort, Ed. Ambiente, 2017 | Sostenibilità in pillole. Per imparare a vivere su un solo pianeta by Gianfranco Bologna, Ed. Ambiente, 2013 | L’albero intricato di David Quammen, Ed Adelphi, 2020 |Prosperità senza crescita. I fondamenti dell’economia di domani by Tim Jackson, Italian edition by G. Bologna, Ed. Ambiente, 2017

Gianfranco Bologna commented on his reading tips while chatting with the “Caffè Tomo” bookstores and “Palazzo delle Esposizioni” Bookstore in Rome during the live broadcast on April 9th, 2021. You can find the recording of the very interesting conversation on our Facebook page.

Gianfranco Bologna He is Honorary President of the WWF Scientific Community and General Secretary of the “Aurelio Peccei” Foundation, which represents the Club di Roma in Italy. He carries out dissemination, teaching, planning and training activities in various universities on the themes of nature conservation and sustainability. He has planned and managed the WWF One Planet School. He has written books and encyclopedias on nature and sustainability and has edited over 100 Italian editions of the publications of some of the most authoritative international experts on global sustainability.

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