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The January sky fascinates with its constellations and myths

Around January 3rd, the Earth is in Perieli, that is at the point closest to the Sun of the Earth’s orbit, which, evidently, does not coincide with that of the Winter Solstice; during these days there is the maximum of the meteoric swarm of the Quadrantids that take their name […]

The February sky shows us where the summer sun is

The Sun until mid-February is in Capricorn and then go to the Aquarium. The days continue to grow and in the night sky, towards the south, we can still enjoy Orione and the summer constellations. At the Solstice on June 21st, the Sun is located halfway between Toro and Gemelli, […]

The sky of April rich of stars and galaxies

The Sun from March 12 in Pisces, passes on April 19 in Aries where it will remain until mid-May. Oriented towards South in the evening, we see from the West to the East the Taurus, the Gemini, the Cancer and the Lion. the Virgin and the Libra. Virgo In the […]

The sky of December gives emotions: Super Moon, Orione and his dogs

The Sun is in Ophiuchus until the 18th of the month when it passes, in Sagittarius. December 21st is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day there is for our hemisphere, because the Sun is at the lowest point of the Ecliptic; inappropriately it is said that the shortest is December […]