Prendiamoci cura della Terra


EARTH GARDENERS is a non-profit association that aims to act for the conservation of biodiversity in the original environments and the preservation of local cultures. Ecological sustainability and human rights are the backgrounds on which the events and actions promoted by the Association are woven.

The different cultural provenance of the founding members, with their different and complementary points of view, helps the Association to have an overall vision of the environment and of the planetary problems related to both ecological and cultural issues.

EARTH GARDENERS, in order to achieve its objectives of knowledge and care of the Planet, considers as a priority a correct scientific and cultural dissemination. This site is one of the tools that EARTH GARDENERS puts into play.

The earthgardening is the tool through which EARTH GARDENERS divulges a lifestyle compatible with the existence of all the species present on the Planet, including ours, and among the different human cultures. In this sense the earthgardening becomes a conscious and personal research that serves to combine the harmony of the self with that of the different territories of the Earth.

The Association is regulated by a regularly registered statute and uses a simple leaflet to leave to those who attend to its events the basic information concerning EARTH GARDENERS.